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Our Courses

*NEW COURSES: “Audacity Professional Vocals for Courses Video & More Part 1 & Part 2” available now!!

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*We are proud to announce the release of our first complete course “Create EPUB Multimedia eBooks By Hand for Apple iBooks & iOS”!


In this course students will learn how to build EPUB files with HTML, CSS & audio to create fixed layout children’s eBooks and more for Apple devices and iBooks Store. We will be offering other courses and lessons in the near future.

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Create EPUB Multimedia eBooks By Hand for Apple iBooks & iOS

Build EPUB files with HTML, CSS & audio to create fixed layout children’s eBooks & more for Apple devices & iBooks Store! Get this course today!

Course Description

Learn how to create a multimedia EPUB eBook by hand for Apple iBooks and Apple devices (including the iPad and iPhone), and submit it to the iBooks store. Obtain complete control over your project by building from scratch, and implement unique features and functionality where WYSIWYG solutions fall short.

Build a strong foundation in the EPUB e-book format for the Apple iBooks platform and its many features.

The main example of this course is a published children’s e-book, but knowledge gained from this course can be used to create many different types of e-books, not just children’s e-books

  • Complete review of all Apple sites and tools including the iBooks App, iBooks Store, iTunesConnect, and iTunesProducer
  • Crash course in HTML and style sheets (CSS)
  • Detailed look at all EPUB files and folders, and all of their sections, definitions, properties, and values
  • Custom narration with read-along highlighting text, and background sounds
  • Complete and extensive review of basic audio recording and editing
  • Submitting a final book to the iBooks Store and selling your book globally

And more!

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Click here to enroll in this course for only $15 (quantities limited)!!



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